Getting Your Pet Holiday Ready!

It’s that time of year to start thinking about end of year holidays and what that means for your pets.
Do you take them with you, leave them at home with friends or a sitter, or book them into boarding facilities. Whatever you decide, you will need to ensure they are safely prepared for their own adventure.
Photo by Alvin Balemesa


Deciding to take our pets with us on holiday can be a lot of fun for the whole family.
However, before leaving, check that their microchip details are up to date. If they wander off to conduct their own sightseeing, you need to be easily contacted to collect them. Make sure they are up to date with their vaccinations, worming and flea and tick preventatives. You don’t want them to pick up any nasty virus’s, worms and ticks on their adventures.

Create a suit case or bag special for them that will contain any toys or medication your pet will need.
When you leave for your trip, ensure your pet is secure in the car. Our feline friends should be in their crate, while our canine companions should be in a car harness. This is very important for both you and your pet. If you are in an accident, your pet can be seriously injured or injure others in the car if not restrained.

Remember to take some water and a water bowl for the journey. If you are travelling with a dog, stop every two hours for a toilet break and for them to stretch their legs. Cats should stay in their crate and have access to a litter tray. Don’t forget paper towels and a rubbish bag in case any accidents occur along the trip.

Once you arrive, set up a safe place for them if they become overwhelmed with the new people and noises that surround them.

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota


Pet sitters are popular, especially for senior and quieter pets. A pet sitter can come to your own home each day to feed and check in on your pets, or your pet may go to the pet sitter’s home. Pet sitters can be found by personal recommendation or by using an on-line booking service.

Pet Cloud is one of Australia’s most trusted websites for booking pet sitters and dog walkers.
All you need to do is create a profile for you and your pet and post a job on their website. You can then check out reviews, verification’s and training of each sitter that applies for the job. Next you’ll set up a meet and greet with the best applicants to find the perfect fit for your pet.

Photo by Karlijn Prot


If your pet loves to socialise or is likely to get into mischief while you’re away, then pet resorts and hotels are the perfect choice. There are many cat and dog resorts available throughout Brisbane.

Samford Pet Resort and Hanrob Pet Hotel are recommended and even do pet drop off and pick ups from our clinics at Arana Hills and Fernlands for your convenience.

These facilities have lots of different suites and cat condos to choose from. Extras like play times, treats, grooming services and more are also available. You will find peace of mind as the staff have lots of experience looking after dogs and cats and will give your pets the utmost care.


Photo by Matt Nelson


Now is a great time to start organising what happens to your pet while you are on holidays. School holidays are peak times, so early booking of pet boarding and pet sitters is needed.

You might want to visit the pet hotel or sitter’s home before you leave so that your pet can familiarise themselves with their new surroundings. While you’re there you can also discuss your pet’s personality and their likes and dislikes so that they can be better cared for. Be sure to check that your pet’s vaccinations are current and in line with requirements.  If vaccinations fall due during the holiday period, vaccinations should be given at least 14 days prior to check-in for most boarding facilities.

If you haven’t seen the vet for a while, get your pet health checked before the holiday. Consult with your vet to see if your pet will need any additional health support if they’re being introduced to new animals. Make sure they are up to date with their flea/tick and worming preventative as well. You don’t want Fido getting a tick while you’re away. Finally, pack familiar toys to play with and special treats that you know they love.

Get planning now and Have a Great Holiday!