Caring for Your Pet After Vaccination

Care for pets at home after vaccination.

Caring For Your Pet After Vaccination

Vaccination provides your pet with protection against serious and life-threatening infectious diseases.

We have created this information guide to help you best care after your pet after vaccination.

Post Vaccination Care

Vaccines are safe and effective, however like all medicines, they can sometimes result in side effects. Potential side effects vary depending on the type of vaccine your pet has received.

  • Injectable Vaccines (Dogs & Cats)

A small proportion of animals may develop signs such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or tenderness at the injection site. These signs are generally mild and usually last no longer than a few days.

  • Oral & Intranasal Vaccines (Dogs)

A small proportion of dogs may develop signs such as coughing or sneezing within a few days of vaccination. These signs are generally mild and resolve with a few days.

If you are concerned about any signs which develop after vaccination, please contact us.

The following points outline the best way to care after your pet if they develop any mild side effects after vaccination:

  • Provide them with a comfortable place to lie down and rest.
  • Do not give any medication unless instructed to by your veterinarian.
  • Check on your pet every so often, just to make sure they are comfortable, but try to disturb them as little as possible.
  • Make sure that they have access to water and food, but don’t be alarmed if they have a reduced appetite for a day or so after vaccination.
  • Your pet may be quieter than usual, less interested in playing, and may wish to be left alone. This is OK – They will come to you for attention when they feel like it.

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