The Team

Our veterinarians and nurses are committed to caring.  As pet owners ourselves, we understand and respect the special bond you share with your pet, as well as the love, loyalty and pleasure they bring to your life.   



Helen Byrnes BVSc BSc BMedSt MCHM MACVS

Helen is the energetic and enthusiastic owner of the Vetkind group of practices. Before purchasing the Arana Hills practice, Helen worked in other private practices throughout Australia and for the University of Queensland. Helen also has a long-time commitment to volunteering in India and other countries with Vets Beyond Borders. Helen was awarded the David Bayvel Memorial Award for Excellence in Animal Welfare in 2016 in recognition of her work in improving animal welfare in India and other countries. Helen is pictured above with her adorable but mischievious English  Springer Spaniel named Woodrow who you may meet at our Arana Hills Clinic.


L1Lauren McConnell BVSc Hons
Veterinary Director

Brisbane born and raised, Lauren graduated with honours from the University of Queensland in 2004.  She enjoys all aspects of Veterinary Medicine, her particular interests being cardiology, diabetes, ultrasound and rehabilitation of injured and aged dogs. Lauren is accredited to assist with exporting pets overseas including health checks, vaccinations, bloods tests, and parasite treatments. Outside of work Lauren enjoys basketball, crossfit, running and hiking.  She has a one legged peachface named Sparrow and an endlessly energetic Border Collie named Arthur.


 Tamisha Franz РBusiness Manager

Tamisha oversees the group’s three practices, bringing over a decade of experience in the veterinary field. Her journey began as a devoted veterinary nurse in 2013, dedicating seven years to nursing before studying Human Resources Management and transitioning into a managerial role. Her operational experience spans across both general and emergency veterinary practices. Tamisha is dedicated to continuous improvement, diligently supporting the compassionate and skilled Vetkind team in providing exceptional care to our patients. Pictured above, Tamisha shares a cuddle with her beloved Pug x French Bulldog, Charlie.


AnitaAnita Berger BVSc Hons

Anita has been working with the Vetkind group of practices for many years and is nowadays principally found at Everton Hills Veterinary Surgery and Fernlands Veterinary Practice.  Anita grew up in Switzerland but studied Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. She now calls Brisbane home with her family and three cats. The cats Pandy, Fluffy and Gypsy are all rescue adoptions from her work. In her time away from work Anita regularly goes bushwalking, camping and enjoys the outdoors.


Michelle Barton BVSc

Michelle has over 20 years experience as a veterinarian. Michelle grew up in Brisbane and has worked around Brisbane and the UK. ¬†She has a special interest in pocket pets, such as guinea pigs ¬†and rats¬†and backyard chooks, with membership in the Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians (UPAV) special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association. ¬†She is club vet for the Northern Exposure Gig Racing Club, Queensland’s premier sled dog club, and a volunteer vet for the Iditarod Sled Race in Alaska.


Katrina Price BVSc Hons

Katrina graduated from the University of Queensland and has worked in small animal clinics around Brisbane before joining the Vetkind team in 2016. She works with us part-time and enjoys all aspects of small animal veterinary medicine. Katrina was born and raised in Zimbabwe, then moved to the UK to finish her schooling. She now calls Brisbane home with her adopted ginger cat, Scamp. Outside of work, Katrina enjoys floristry, camping, hiking and anything that involves spending times outdoors.


Kathryn Knights BVSc

Katie is the most recent addition to the VetKind group. She was raised in Townsville where she studied Veterinary Science at James Cook University. Before joining Arana Hills Veterinary Clinic she completed a surgery and medicine internship at a veterinary specialist clinic. At home, Katie has the company of her epileptic Golden Retriever x Labrador named Dexter, and her ginger cat, Franklin.

Kirsty Bannan BVSc (Hons)

Dr. Kirsty has recently joined our team, bringing her BVSc Hons degree and a wealth of experience in general practice veterinary care for cats and dogs. With a special interest in dentistry and plans to achieve membership in this field by 2026, Dr. Kirsty is dedicated to providing top-notch care for your pets. A local resident since 2005, she moved to Brisbane over 20 years ago and graduated from the prestigious University of Queensland. Her strong ties to the community reflect her commitment to the welfare of local pets and their owners. You will find her working at our Fernlands Veterinary Practice and our Arana Hills Veterinary Clinic.

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Kirsty is a passionate pet lover herself, with five cats (Petunia, Slinky, Audrey, Gretel, and Basil) and a loyal dog named Phoebe. Her extensive experience, genuine compassion, and expertise make her a valuable addition to our practice. We are proud to have her on our team and look forward to the positive impact she will make in the lives of our patients and their loving families.



Ema Bowman BVSC(dist) MANZCVS 

Experienced New Zealand and USA trained veterinarian, with a broad knowledge base that has been cultivated over 13 years since she graduated from Massey University in 2008. Dr Ema is not only a talented Small Animal General Practitioner, but possesses a broad range of additional skills including; Internal Medicine, Feline Medicine and Breed specific considerations (especially BOAS). She is one of the very few surgeons proficient in Bracycephalic Airway Improvement Surgery (BOAS) that essentially enables brachycephalic dogs eg. pugs, french bulldogs, boston terriers and bulldogs to breathe! Ema encourages any owner of a brachycephalic dog to look into this procedure. Dr Ema will be consulting at our Arana Hills Vet Clinic.
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Nursing Manager

With a profound passion for feline medicine and anesthesia, Kelly has been dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary nursing since graduating with a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2012. Her commitment to excellence and continuous professional development led her to earn a Diploma in General Practice Veterinary Nursing in 2017, further solidifying her expertise. As a Veterinary Nurse Manager, Kelly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, driven by her enthusiasm for providing the highest standard of care. She is particularly adept at managing the unique needs of feline patients, ensuring they receive the compassionate and specialized attention they deserve. Excited to grow and elevate an already amazing team, Kelly is committed to fostering a supportive and dynamic environment where veterinary nurses can thrive. Her leadership and vision are key to the ongoing success and advancement of the practice, ensuring that both patients and their families receive exceptional care. A proud mum to four cats and one human, Kelly understands the deep bond between pets and their owners. This personal connection fuels her dedication to veterinary nursing, inspiring her to treat each patient as if they were her own.


Vet Nurse

Bio to come

Vet Nurse

Bio to come

Vet Nurse

Gemma became an invaluable member of our team in early 2023, bringing her brilliance and expertise as a qualified Vet Nurse to the Arana Hills Clinic. Her passion for wildlife animals shines through in her work, demonstrating her commitment to their well-being and care. Gemma’s dedication extends beyond the clinic, as she also works at a caf√© on her off days, showcasing her versatility and work ethic. When she’s not at work, Gemma enjoys spending time with her beloved Guinea Pig, Gary, and 4 rambunctious cats; Mummy Cat, Missy, Shrimp & Dottie. Her nurturing nature and love for animals are evident in the bonds she creates and shares with her furry companions both at the clinic and at home.


Vet Nurse

Amanda works at our Fernlands Veterinary Practice and is definitely one of a kind. Having worked with a reproductive vet, Emergency Vet and a high volume GP Vet before coming to us here at Vetkind, she is confident in handling Cesareans and difficult natural births which leads to her often having neonatal or critical care patients with her. Amanda likes to deal with dogs who are needing a bit of extra attention during their vet visits, she’s often on the floor and making them feel comfortable with non-threatening behavior and treats (of course!). When she is not at work she’s busy running a non-profit animal rescue and pet/house sits for clients with animals who have complex needs. Amanda is definitely an animal lover with 5 cats of her own. Ranging from senior at 16 years to kitten at 6 months there’s always something new going on in her household as she also fosters animals in her own rescue group.

Vet Tech

Michael joined our team mid April with a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology from he University of Queensland under his belt. He has immersed himself in the world of general practice with a minimum of 2 years with a wealth of knowledge. His passion lies in alleviating the anxieties of nervous patients, ensuring each visit is as stress-free as possible. He also finds fulfillment in mentoring and supporting junior colleagues, fostering an atmosphere of growth and learning. Outside of work he treasures the moments spent with his cherished senior companions, Rosie, a 12.5 ear old Cav C and Lily, a 14.5 year old Domestic Shorthair.


Trainee Vet Nurse

Grace has been an integral part of the Vetkind team since 2023, demonstrating her dedication and expertise at two of our clinics. Alongside her work, she is also pursuing her studies to become a qualified nurse, showcasing her commitment to expanding her knowledge and skills in the field. During her spare time, Grace actively contributes to the local community by helping run a market stall that specializes in doggy treats. Her passion for providing wholesome and delicious treats for our furry friends is evident in her involvement in this endeavor. At home, Grace is accompanied by her sassy Devon rex named Tequila and her cuddly and affectionate Rottweiler named Kovu. These beloved pets bring joy and companionship to her life. Grace’s exceptional performance and rapid growth within our organization have been remarkable, and we are thrilled to witness her continued development and success.

Trainee Vet Nurse

Hayley, a dedicated member of our team since 2023, joined Vetkind while pursuing her certificate III. With her exceptional skills and positive attitude, she has proven to be a superstar in everything she takes on, bringing a ray of sunshine to our workplace. Outside of her professional life, Hayley finds relaxation and joy in horseback riding. She shares her home with a large and loving fur family, including three border collies named Buddy, Millie, and PK. Additionally, she cares for a horse named Kit, a cat named Pumpkin, and a delightful flock of chickens. Hayley’s passion for animals extends beyond the workplace, making her a valuable asset to our team and a true animal lover.

Trainee Vet Nurse

Ruby joined us at the start of 2024, adding to our warm and welcoming team. Having completed her Certificate III in Animal Care Services, Ruby is dedicated to continuing to improve her skills and knowledge as she completes her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing. Ruby is committed to always learning and working hard to provide the best care to all animals. In her spare time, she loves looking after her own animals. She is a proud mother hen to her small flock of chickens including a White Wyandotte, Coconut, and Belgian D’Uccles, Goldie and Story. Ruby also has two cats, Mouse and Ninja, and an Australian Terrier, Shelby.

Trainee Vet Nurse

Meet Mikayla, the newest addition to our vet clinic team, diving headfirst into the world of animal care since May 2020. With a passion for patient well-being and a keen interest in understanding animal behavior and enrichment. From learning the ropes of patient care to exploring holistic treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy, Mikayla is eager to broaden their horizons and offer the best possible care to our animal companions. When she isn’t busy caring for our furry patients, you’ll often find her hanging out with her own dynamic duo, Poppy the Malshihtzu and Ziggy the Beakle or channeling her creative energy into arts and crafts, finding solace in the simple act of creation.


Trainee Vet Nurse

Bio To Come

Reception/Customer Service

Tamara joined our team in 2022 as our superstar receptionist at the Arana Hills Vet Clinic. With her warm and friendly demeanor, she loves getting to know all about your beloved pets and creating a welcoming environment for both you and your furry companions. Tamara’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service ensures that every visit to our clinic is a positive experience. Outside of work, Tamara finds joy in spending quality time at home with her dog, Stiles, showering him with lots of cuddles and affection. Her love for animals extends beyond the workplace, reflecting her genuine passion for the well-being of pets.


Trainee Vet Nurse

Alexandra, a valued member of our team since 2022, began her journey as a kennel hand and has since been passionately pursuing her career in animal care. Currently, she is dedicated to her trainee nursing role and finds great joy in grooming animals. Alexandra has completed her certificate III in animal studies, which further enhancing her knowledge and skills in the field. Outside of work, she shares her home with two beloved furry companions: Inka, an Irish Wolfhound X Border Collie, and a beautiful black and white domestic short-haired cat. With her dedication and love for animals, Alexandra continues to contribute to our team’s commitment to providing exceptional care


Kennel Hand/ Hydrobath girl 

With her family originally from England, she has been working as a kennel hand since 2022. Even during her school days, she displayed a strong passion for animals and eagerly dedicated her weekends to working diligently at the clinic as a hydrobath expert. Her commitment and enthusiasm in providing exceptional care to our furry friends have been truly commendable. Outside of her work, Ally nurtures a deep bond with her German Shepherd named Fozzy, who brings immense joy and companionship to her life. With aspirations to become a vet nurse, Ally is driven by her desire to expand her knowledge and skills in the field of veterinary care. In her leisure time, Ally enjoys engaging in beach volleyball, where she finds both physical activity and relaxation. Additionally, she has a talent for playing the piano, which serves as a creative outlet and source of personal fulfillment.