Because your pet is such an important member of your family, the Vetkind Group offers microchipping as a form of permanent identification. Every year we see how this simple, “one-time-event” procedure returns lost animals to their owners. A small microchip about the size of a grain of rice is implanted under the skin in the scruff area, by one of our accredited implanters. The microchip number is unique to your pet and can be registered nationwide. The microchip can be read by all veterinary clinics, pounds and shelters.  Databases are then searched by these centres and your details, linked to the microchip can then be obtained.

Remember to update your phone number and address details that are linked to the microchip as they change.  To update details, visit http://www.petaddress.com.au and input the microchip number to find out which database your pet is registered with.  Then search under that databases website to obtain instructions on how to update your new details. If your pet was microchipped with one of our clinics, visit the Australasian Animal Registry to update your details.

Microchipping Legal Requirements

Cats and dogs must be microchipped when:

  • Sold (seller responsibility)
  • Given away (responsibility on the person giving away the animal)
  • Before reaching the age of 12 weeks