Lost and Found

StrayPlease contact our clinics if you have lost or found an animal – we may be able to help you!

The most effective way for lost animals to be reunited with their owners is by having them microchipped.  The implant (which is no larger than a grain of rice) can be read by all veterinary clinics, pounds and shelters.  Databases are then searched by these authorised scanning centres and the microchip number is linked to your details.  If you ever move or your phone number changes, ensure to update the details linked to your pets microchip.  Visit Pet Address with your pets microchip number handy to find out which database they are registered on and how you can update the details.  If your pet was microchipped with us at Arana Hills Veterinary Clinic or Fernlands Veterinary Practice visit the Australasian Animal Registry to update your details.

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